[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @ Billboard Music Awards 2018

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  • Subha Priya🖤
    Subha Priya🖤53 minuti fa

    Please BTS .. fulfill my small request please... I request you .. please ... Sing your NATIONAL SONG (national song of SOUTH KOREA).. I want to hear from your voice.. please one time 🖤for army....

  • Still with you_Kookie
    Still with you_Kookie3 ore fa

    Their reaction to fans there was so gold..ARMY cheering was so loud..They are happy we are happy 💜

  • vmin cute
    vmin cute3 ore fa

    Why so many 👎. Its 9.6 k

  • sope the vlog v_vv_v
    sope the vlog v_vv_v4 ore fa

    Jimin: yoongi jal jayo , taehyung jal jayo , 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • ARME
    ARME5 ore fa

    Jungkook RM Suga J-Hope Jimin V jin 𝘽𝙏𝙎 ARMY⁷⟬⟭

  • Alexandra ⸆⸉
    Alexandra ⸆⸉6 ore fa

    someone translates to us what they are saying 🙂😢

  • Alexandra ⸆⸉
    Alexandra ⸆⸉6 ore fa

    why you don't add the English captain 💔

  • Amrit Kaur
    Amrit Kaur7 ore fa

    Jin looks like he is going to a board meeting, rm came back from vacation in hawai, jimin looks so elegant and classy with that scarf around his neck like 🔥🔥🔥🔥 damn

  • Amrit Kaur
    Amrit Kaur8 ore fa

    Jin teasing namjoon for working out 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Amrit Kaur
    Amrit Kaur8 ore fa

    This namjoon ruined me for other people

  • Флюра Волкова
    Флюра Волкова10 ore fa

    Хорошие, простые мальчишки!!! Без всякой звездности... Едят, сидя даже не за столом, а около какой-то коробки. Радуются всему, что видят!!! Дети!!! Спасибо!!!

  • ARMY💜
    ARMY💜11 ore fa

    I saw y oongi dancing in award show first time

  • ARMY💜
    ARMY💜11 ore fa

    I need English subtitles not boyfirends 😢

  • Karla Kurdi
    Karla Kurdi13 ore fa

    One day bts when they will enter ITwindow and watch there his Tory they maybe read the comments. So hi bts rm.Jim.suga.hope.jiminshi.v.jk.I love u guys I always supported you and I still wanna met u. Love you -karla (Army)

  • Aisha Rao
    Aisha Rao14 ore fa


    PAZ SOPHIA16 ore fa

    Me encanta verlos comer, convivir, prepararse y callarle la boca los q los atacan 😁

  • Lucas Podolski
    Lucas Podolski18 ore fa


  • YoonieMin0_0
    YoonieMin0_019 ore fa

    Omg que hermoso

  • Riya Pednekar
    Riya Pednekar21 ora fa

    Need subtitles.

  • Irish Apao
    Irish Apao22 ore fa

    2 years ago💜

  • Irish Apao
    Irish Apao22 ore fa

    2:38 Jimin lang malakas😂 30:40 Jinaah your nervous 31:19 they all nervous I feel it 😂

  • Shahneez Chdry
    Shahneez Chdry22 ore fa

    Jimin 😍

  • jswhhenw wjiwkwl
    jswhhenw wjiwkwl23 ore fa

    24:40 jungkook rm and jin were saying that fans are cheering for them between commercial breaks so that they don't feel intimidated and other artists are greeting them because they are shocked seeing people cheering for them. They want to talk to you but it will create more hype and it will be a disrespect for other artists however they are really thankful.And JK said if it was not about disrespecting other artists he would climb the wall give fans high five,hug and autograph.

  • Maqsood Ahmed
    Maqsood Ahmed23 ore fa

    We all muslim army who are living in Pakistan want that BTS came in Pakistan to visit it and also want that BTS gave us an interview and also want that they increase their contract with bighit I know that you think that it is non-sence but we really want this it's a request, and I want that who is reading my comment please sport me (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)(༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

  • Alzif Opu
    Alzif OpuGiorno fa

    Big hit do u kno ENGLISH SUBTITLES

  • Liton Das
    Liton DasGiorno fa

    💖💖💖💖bts bts bts😊😊😊👍👍

  • Kawaii Gerkenz
    Kawaii GerkenzGiorno fa


  • lisa maharani
    lisa maharaniGiorno fa

    KIM NAMJOON💜 KIM SEOKJIN💜 minyoongi💜 jung hoseok💜 park jimin💜 kim taehyung💜 jeon jungkook💜 BTS💜💜

  • Dream Girl
    Dream GirlGiorno fa

    How hard work they have done for it.

  • Princy Bhaisare
    Princy BhaisareGiorno fa

    When you are coming to India ?

  • Army's Blink VIP VIP
    Army's Blink VIP VIPGiorno fa

    Hybe when will you put eng subs on their older vids? Like please 🙏 do it because we have soo many new baby armys watching these kinds of vids💜

  • aya hazem
    aya hazemGiorno fa

    You all disheveled this award because you work hard to make this success I hope to you all the success and happiness all you lives


    Можно перевод на русский язык?

    ANWESH PRATAPGiorno fa

    Now every time BTS ptd add comes and I never skip them☺️☺️

    ANWESH PRATAPGiorno fa

    Here comes the golden line of army - I don't understand what he said but lets laugh

  • Elizabeth Gomez
    Elizabeth GomezGiorno fa

    Traduzcanlo al español por favor

  • goroba konjengbam
    goroba konjengbamGiorno fa

    Bts v so like

  • Josiane Oliveira
    Josiane OliveiraGiorno fa


  • Alexandra Wolke
    Alexandra WolkeGiorno fa

    Even taylor swift looks lost between them.

  • Hanny Rodríguez
    Hanny RodríguezGiorno fa

    Los amo como pueden ser tan uapossssssssssssss los amo me ayuda su musica a su perar problemas familiares.

  • Kiki Hihi
    Kiki Hihi2 giorni fa


  • Mira
    Mira2 giorni fa

    No subs? :(

  • min min
    min min2 giorni fa

    As I know no artist shares their everything with fans like bangtan do for Army...lomls


    The masterpiece @8:52 V 😂😂😂 jk practicing his part and our bear 🐻 his own world 😂😂

    PRIYA PATEL2 giorni fa

    Jin voice at 10:35 😅😅

    PRIYA PATEL2 giorni fa

    JK at 9:16 😅😅

  • 장석장
    장석장2 giorni fa

    한국인이란게 자랑스럽습니다~~

  • Estéfane B-Army 🤗💜
    Estéfane B-Army 🤗💜2 giorni fa

    19:12 eu vivia feito o tae nos canto Kkkkkkk eu não tinha ninguém mas porecia que tinha só vivia sofrendo Kkkkk 💜

  • Estéfane B-Army 🤗💜
    Estéfane B-Army 🤗💜2 giorni fa

    Jimin fazendo tratorzinho e Rm imitando um pouquinho igual eu quando ria muito aí eu acabava fazendo isso kkkkkkkk

  • raman Sharma
    raman Sharma2 giorni fa

    Rm look

  • Kim jiah (김지아)💜
    Kim jiah (김지아)💜2 giorni fa

    정국이 너무 배고파

  • Lavishbrar 8387
    Lavishbrar 83872 giorni fa

    Omg 😂😂tae's face at 8:55 😂😂😂😂

  • ✨SaRa✨ 'Gachaclub VN
    ✨SaRa✨ 'Gachaclub VN2 giorni fa

    6:20 vãi ạ

  • Muhammad Dahlan
    Muhammad Dahlan2 giorni fa

    Sementara mobil mikrolet bak terbuka di tarik kembali di pasaran sudah LAMASEKALI bahkan DIADORANT TUBE di PASARAN sudah lama sekali belum di tarik kembali TMT. mobil bak terbuka dan TMT. MOBIL MIKROLET BAK TERTUTUP

  • Vini _BTS
    Vini _BTS2 giorni fa

    boys: Korean (lol) audio: Korean subtitles: Korean . . international army: 👁👄👁

  • Kimaya Aher
    Kimaya Aher3 giorni fa

    Omg......RM is looking so cool 💜💜💞💞💜💜

  • Hidden Book House
    Hidden Book House3 giorni fa

    24:18 v imitating her 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Hidden Book House
    Hidden Book House3 giorni fa

    23:46 v and lip balm 😅😅😅😅

  • Hidden Book House
    Hidden Book House3 giorni fa

    21:30 wait for jungkook cute handshake 😅😅

  • Hidden Book House
    Hidden Book House3 giorni fa

    11:34 even RM shocked to see her height 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Rochelle Espaldon
    Rochelle Espaldon3 giorni fa


  • Tasfia Tappi
    Tasfia Tappi3 giorni fa

    It's like let's wear suit and don't tell Rm

  • mariagracia z
    mariagracia z3 giorni fa

    Up to this moment still no english subtitle? Please HYBE put english subtitle in every video of bts(especially the old one) for us international army. Though we still watching it without subtitle but it would be much better if there is.

  • mawar salsa
    mawar salsa3 giorni fa

    Oh my goodness

  • Khushi Yadav
    Khushi Yadav3 giorni fa

    Proud to be an Army 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Nani Sapudin
    Nani Sapudin3 giorni fa

    13:07 I will be so happy to be private make up for them ihiiii

  • meera devi
    meera devi3 giorni fa

    24:20 fav part when he's copying her

  • Tisaratika
    Tisaratika3 giorni fa

    My bias is Jungkook

  • Anjali Parajuli
    Anjali Parajuli3 giorni fa

    Rm with earrings is heaven

  • Jérome Menanteau
    Jérome Menanteau3 giorni fa

    V jimin je viens jouer au battellflip avec vous je mennui

  • Jérome Menanteau
    Jérome Menanteau3 giorni fa

    Jungkook 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣il sont au taquet wouwww sa envoie

  • Jérome Menanteau
    Jérome Menanteau3 giorni fa

    V 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • BISMA ASHRAF 7thE 1306
    BISMA ASHRAF 7thE 13063 giorni fa

    26:38 most proud moment for army and bts....bts wining between all american artists the first group to perform their from kpop im so proud of them,

  • Eroni Costa
    Eroni Costa3 giorni fa


  • Roxan Madon
    Roxan Madon3 giorni fa

    AWWWWWHA! My Favourite BTS episode >3< Forever and ever ~~

  • Pariwash Iftikhar
    Pariwash Iftikhar3 giorni fa

    English captions 😭🥺

  • camila dos santos martins
    camila dos santos martins4 giorni fa

    Se esse vídeo fosse traduzindo em português seria mais fácil pra gente!!

  • hallosera 2121
    hallosera 21214 giorni fa

    i'm here 25/07/2021

  • Drdeya Lehri
    Drdeya Lehri4 giorni fa

    Eng subs plz

  • Asiffa Khan
    Asiffa Khan4 giorni fa

    My favourate bts please reaction on Kiara advani whatsapp status on youtube please and her tiktok videos

  • Mathi Vathani
    Mathi Vathani4 giorni fa

    International fan : need English subtitles pls bts ,kindly big hit entertainment do this for international army’s… I purple you 💜💜..

  • Jophronia Alalea
    Jophronia Alalea4 giorni fa

    I am a huge fan of you BTS and I have a wallpaper of jimin and jungkook and I saved a lot of videos of you guys BTS and my ringtone is set as euphoria by jungkook🤗 oh and I don't speak Korean like you guys I speak English 🤗😁😄🤭

  • 강민정
    강민정4 giorni fa

    노래가 좋아요.

  • Mehe Jebin
    Mehe Jebin4 giorni fa

    Jin:how are you? Army:....I Jin: I am fine, thank you Army:🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

  • Double Bunny
    Double Bunny4 giorni fa

    J-hope: i hate snakue Also j-hope: wearing snake printed t-shirt

  • Double Bunny
    Double Bunny4 giorni fa

    Everyone else: goes their for winning awards Jungkook*true fan of EatJin*: goes their for FOOD ONLY

  • Angela Germar
    Angela Germar4 giorni fa

    my fav part when a legend Taylor Swift go just to meet BTS herself, I mean it's such an honor for BTS. it's so nice to see,I really love both of them.

  • Park bungcha
    Park bungcha4 giorni fa

    20:46 What did Jungkook see to make him happy like this?

  • Rong Rong Chiu

    Rong Rong Chiu

    2 giorni fa

    He is so excited and so cute 💜💜💜

  • Hua Wei
    Hua Wei4 giorni fa

    오 하나님, 그들이 내가 베이츠의 구성원을 사랑한 다림질에 대해

  • maria paula camacho sanchez
    maria paula camacho sanchez4 giorni fa


  • DreamyCherryFairy
    DreamyCherryFairy4 giorni fa

    Enjoyed watching how they work and spend time together ☺️.

  • mie tanaka
    mie tanaka4 giorni fa

    São muito esforçados, por isso são tão bons

  • Md Muqtar
    Md Muqtar4 giorni fa

    How many of uh love BTS💜💜 frvr ndvr 😍

  • Marvin Chojolan
    Marvin Chojolan4 giorni fa

    love love bts is biutiful love bts for army

  • makan walo
    makan walo4 giorni fa

    I LOVE YOU BTS💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Catherine Blanchard
    Catherine Blanchard4 giorni fa

    RM 🇫🇷❤️

  • Mbilal Saleem
    Mbilal Saleem5 giorni fa


  • ارمي وافتخر💜🐰
    ارمي وافتخر💜🐰5 giorni fa

    💜l love btss💜

  • تيغا تيوب
    تيغا تيوب5 giorni fa

    🌚🌚💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 BTS"💟💟💟💟💟💟💟❣️

  • 에리카
    에리카5 giorni fa

    32:06 PINCHE GUAPO MIN YOON GI!!!!! wey tas bien chulo, te quiero comerrrr!!!!!!! ok no ;-;

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