[BANGTAN BOMB] Grammy Nomination Night - BTS (방탄소년단)

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  • AtOoM-11
    AtOoM-1141 minuto fa

    2:01 2:11 Can someone tell me what is behind that couch??😂

  • AtOoM-11
    AtOoM-1144 minuti fa

    1:52 why did Namjoon get up and then step on the…idk ‘secret stairs’ and then sit for literally no reason?😂 2:12 What is behind that couch??😂

  • AtOoM-11
    AtOoM-1147 minuti fa

    4:41 Tae being in his own world..I just wanna know what is going on inside his head? They literally just got nominated for Grammy and V idk what’s happening in his head or what he is thinking🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Abeera Umair
    Abeera Umair2 ore fa

    1:56 Rm just went back the couch and sit back down again 😂 and is there stairs behind the couch or something?🧐

  • Madina
    Madina2 ore fa

    Rm is so cute

  • Luisana Diaz
    Luisana Diaz3 ore fa

    Se lido jimin

  • Luisana Diaz
    Luisana Diaz3 ore fa

    Sólido jokook

  • Rits
    Rits3 ore fa

    Ok but why RM at 1:53 get up,take a whole round and again get back to his seat at 2:03✋💀

  • Anuka Chakraborty
    Anuka Chakraborty5 ore fa

    Most fav. Video ever 💜

  • luvminntae
    luvminntae6 ore fa


  • yuri
    yuri8 ore fa

  • yuri
    yuri8 ore fa

    Los amo

  • Hutia Firsawaliah
    Hutia Firsawaliah9 ore fa

    Vkookie looked so cute here

  • Simranjot Kaur
    Simranjot Kaur10 ore fa

    1:33 The host on the TV : Hello everyone Jimin : Hello 😂🥺

  • 메밀군
    메밀군10 ore fa

    감동란 맛있지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Nicolle BM
    Nicolle BM10 ore fa

    This hurts

  • Meetu Goyal
    Meetu Goyal13 ore fa

    The thing matter to Army's is only BTS happiness We can do anything for them But scrammy always play dirty tricks

    BTS FOREVER17 ore fa

    Bunny jk 2:10

    BTS FOREVER17 ore fa

    Why bighit cut / didn't film taekook hug ! While RM jk v hugged jimin rm hugged each other 6:45

  • عطسة تاي اشهر منك
    عطسة تاي اشهر منك20 ore fa

    لللللللللللللللوييييي لللللللللللوي😭

  • A P79
    A P7922 ore fa

    I really truly love this. But I hate it that Grammy's came up with just this one meagre nomination. Performance. They should have been nominated for best album and best group.

  • LingLing
    LingLingGiorno fa

    MAY BTS GET GRAMMY NOMINATION AND GRAMMY for BUTTER/ Permission To Dance!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 And may we get more Bangtan Bombs and Episodes heh. My Taekook, Vminkook, Joonie and Bangtannie heart. 💘

  • Anusha Haveri
    Anusha HaveriGiorno fa

    This is what I even do with my brother.... Showing my snacks to my brother to make him jealous 😂 😂 😂 Im V at that situation and my brother is JK 😂 😂

  • Shradhdha
    ShradhdhaGiorno fa


  • arpita chauhan
    arpita chauhanGiorno fa

    bts gets nominated while jimin,jungkook,rm 🥳 🥳 while V- 🤔 🤔 🤔😐 😐 😐😐

  • Shivangi Bhalla
    Shivangi BhallaGiorno fa

    Popular opinion: we aren't skipping ads anymore

  • Anvita S
    Anvita SGiorno fa

    2:00 the hidden stairs behind the sofa o.o

  • hananina kinakirana
    hananina kinakiranaGiorno fa

    Only ARMY know....watching them happy is all that matters

  • Neha Mandal
    Neha MandalGiorno fa

    Aww 1:11 jungkook touched V's hand singing a song that was romantic


    Bts fighting

  • Sole 521
    Sole 521Giorno fa

    ¿Alguien más posó cuando Tae enfocó con la cámara de su celular como si los estuviera grabando? ¿Nadie? AJSDJADJAJSD Nopuedeser

    WALTER MONTEGiorno fa

    Por que no está Yoongi en el video?

  • ARMY ☆
    ARMY ☆Giorno fa

    I came here to see the hidden chair/bench behind the ssofa....😂

  • Princess Arlyn
    Princess ArlynGiorno fa

    manifesting for the next nomination and get's award ! 🥰

  • Sandra Lic
    Sandra LicGiorno fa

    This glimpse into their real selfs. Into them as people, normal freaking people, as much as they still are as world stars. These are the moments I treasure the most. Congrats, boys! Stay you.

  • Hely Lovely
    Hely LovelyGiorno fa


  • cup cake
    cup cake2 giorni fa

    Daddy Namjoon had to stay back watching the kids while the elders went for grocery shopping 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Memories for ever
    Memories for ever2 giorni fa

    Taehyung foot is brighter than my future

  • Good time
    Good time2 giorni fa

    I believe one day they will get grammy 100% sure 🙌🙌🙌

  • laila abuhmed
    laila abuhmed2 giorni fa


  • Ridham Jain
    Ridham Jain2 giorni fa

    Yoongi just say that he wants to get nominated for Grammys that's why.... Now when he will say He want BTS to win Grammys they will definitely win Grammys😎😎

  • gnana valarmathi
    gnana valarmathi2 giorni fa

    You don't understand English

  • Mansi Bohra
    Mansi Bohra2 giorni fa

    What a amazing moment at last when they all are hugging each yo namjoon... Such a wonderful ✨😍✨😍✨😍

  • Yamini Chiluka
    Yamini Chiluka2 giorni fa


  • مهووسة جيميـטּ ،
    مهووسة جيميـטּ ،2 giorni fa


  • Anh Thơ Huỳnh
    Anh Thơ Huỳnh3 giorni fa

    Is this the BTS'house?

  • emoa Sana

    emoa Sana

    Giorno fa

    Their dorm yes

  • Jennxnix
    Jennxnix3 giorni fa


  • yes monssif
    yes monssif3 giorni fa

    I porpule you 💜

  • Sad Girl
    Sad Girl3 giorni fa

    너무 잘생겼어 맙소사

  • ꧁𝚗𝚎𝚔𝚞𝚞꧂
    ꧁𝚗𝚎𝚔𝚞𝚞꧂3 giorni fa

    jimin: i cant understand in english namjoon: .... jimin: *points to namjoon* translation's pleeeeaaassee! namjoon: 😑

  • jale swift
    jale swift3 giorni fa


  • Aysel Quliyeva
    Aysel Quliyeva3 giorni fa

    My lifeee FOREVERRRR taeeetaeee

  • Aysel Quliyeva
    Aysel Quliyeva3 giorni fa

    My life

  • quaiser irshad
    quaiser irshad3 giorni fa

    Plz come pakistan We are waiting for you if you come pakitan than we are so happy

  • Ayla Obaid
    Ayla Obaid3 giorni fa

    The fact that the scammys didn’t even pass V’s vibe check

  • Raquel Lopez-Rodriguez
    Raquel Lopez-Rodriguez3 giorni fa

    What i would love to see is BTS winning an Icon of the Century Award and other artist performing their songs to honor them.

  • ashy
    ashy3 giorni fa

    I just love seeing kookie eating🥺🥺🥺

  • Zayba Kader
    Zayba Kader3 giorni fa

    Ik I’m late but, anyone notice this is the living room from life goes on?

  • emoa Sana

    emoa Sana

    Giorno fa

    Yes because this is their dorm

  • tamia chua
    tamia chua3 giorni fa

    three of them being happy, taehyung be their like

  • Flowerzap
    Flowerzap3 giorni fa

    Army promise me that next year BTS IS winning a Grammy mark my words BTS WILL win a Grammy next year

  • Aysha Nasrin
    Aysha Nasrin4 giorni fa

    I love (BTS)

  • sugafree tae & kookies
    sugafree tae & kookies4 giorni fa

    Their reaction is just so priceless

  • dee
    dee4 giorni fa

    N fck grammmys

  • avvvrwelll baetiong
    avvvrwelll baetiong4 giorni fa


  • Ikbal Chy
    Ikbal Chy4 giorni fa

    Jungkook Look like a oldest .

  • Aswathy Ms
    Aswathy Ms4 giorni fa


  • shaira Army 💜
    shaira Army 💜4 giorni fa

    I'm the biggest army in the world because I always cry when I see BTS's happiness, especially when Jungkook smiles, I cry happily

  • LUNA
    LUNA4 giorni fa

    Yoongi wishes for them to win it this year. What yoongi wants yoongi gets

  • Suany Nazareth Rivera Gomez
    Suany Nazareth Rivera Gomez4 giorni fa


  • Rocío
    Rocío4 giorni fa

    It breaks my heart to know that they didn't win😭 they deserved it soo much💜

  • Purabi Das
    Purabi Das4 giorni fa

    Guys look there, V is looking like a greybeard 🤭😝😂🤣....

  • Douaa Jamali
    Douaa Jamali4 giorni fa

    0:55 jungkook

  • Douaa Jamali
    Douaa Jamali4 giorni fa


    SEREEN4 giorni fa

    رجعت عشان الماضي 🥺🤏💜💫

  • wy dazvi
    wy dazvi4 giorni fa

    imagine if they did this last year too..

  • Jungkookie Fangirl
    Jungkookie Fangirl4 giorni fa

    Our boys deserve every damn award in this world

  • PastelBlue_Rblx
    PastelBlue_Rblx5 giorni fa

    Fact : No one has ever Passed V’s Vibe Check🤧

  • PastelBlue_Rblx


    3 giorni fa

    @it,s chahat kanjwani except Halsey ofcourse

  • it,s chahat kanjwani

    it,s chahat kanjwani

    3 giorni fa

    You are wrong

  • Echeal Mark Palad
    Echeal Mark Palad5 giorni fa

    Love you all💜

  • Rochelle Espaldon
    Rochelle Espaldon5 giorni fa

    Congrats Bts!!! Borahae

  • Rochelle Espaldon
    Rochelle Espaldon5 giorni fa

    Congrats BTS!!!

  • AshlookssoperfectXX Ash
    AshlookssoperfectXX Ash5 giorni fa

    im so proud of them 🥺🥺

  • Bunga Rin
    Bunga Rin5 giorni fa

    I love how they are calling their parents 💞💞💞

  • Fathima Zahra Thattarathil
    Fathima Zahra Thattarathil5 giorni fa

    1:40 Everyone peeping into RM s phone 😂 So cute 🥰

  • Taekookie
    Taekookie5 giorni fa

    What yoongi wants he gets He wanted to be 1st in 100 hot billboard and now butter is 1st for 7 weeks and permission to dance is 1st always !

  • Chelsea Sianipar
    Chelsea Sianipar5 giorni fa


  • Van Nguyen
    Van Nguyen5 giorni fa


  • Mansi Rawat
    Mansi Rawat5 giorni fa

    They are acting like they don't know anything😂😂💜💜

  • Ge Ge
    Ge Ge5 giorni fa


  • BTS Jeon
    BTS Jeon5 giorni fa

    This hurts

    BTS 💖J-HOPE6 giorni fa


  • taxvilss
    taxvilss 6 giorni fa

    grammys me las pagaras.......

  • Anushka Anu
    Anushka Anu6 giorni fa

    They look so cute i watch every ones activity by watching video again and again☺️🤗💖💖💖💜💜

  • Metasebia Mekasha
    Metasebia Mekasha6 giorni fa

    4:39 wait what did she say? 🤣 antthplash?

  • Celeste
    Celeste6 giorni fa

    un momento importante para mis niños 😭😭😭

  • ARMY Girl
    ARMY Girl6 giorni fa

    The way they're waiting for the nomination announcement, the same way millions of ARMYs waited throughout the show for their performance, which was kept at last.. also after so much wait, the boys got robbed.. it was a dark day for all the ARMYs spread across all the world, n still the tired n exhausted boys came live to give us a ray of light.. they promised they'll work hard next year.. N in 2021, they've given us 2 litt singles in a span of 2 months which are ruling the billboard charts.. BTS x ARMYs Forever..💜

  • Jack Dom51
    Jack Dom517 giorni fa

    Is there stairs behind the couch??

  • BTS Jeon

    BTS Jeon

    5 giorni fa

    I think so--- or maybe a chair

  • LaFleur
    LaFleur7 giorni fa

    Where is Jin, Suga and J-Hope?

  • LaFleur
    LaFleur7 giorni fa

    V: steals food from everybody, always also V, when someone asks politely if he can share the food: NOOOO IT`S MY FOOD

  • milkie_ shooky
    milkie_ shooky7 giorni fa

    Grammy we are hate you...

  • Kendall Mael
    Kendall Mael7 giorni fa

    Minuto 4:40 donde dijeron que estaban nominados :)

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