[2021 FESTA] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘아미 만물상점’

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  • Vanessa Rocha
    Vanessa Rocha34 minuti fa



    Que bonitos changos

  • deera
    deera3 ore fa

    Hi bts... I just wondering when i check bts on u tube lately,v seems unhappy. He spassing out more often and quite. I dont know why but i always felt deep with what ever his expression. Pliss release everything wht make u unhappy. be ridiculous again, be savage again, be free again, be v again. Smile more.... Make more mistakes

  • Paulina Garcia
    Paulina Garcia3 ore fa

    Ya que no avia comentarios en español tenia que poner el mio.

  • Anabel Araoz
    Anabel Araoz6 ore fa

    llegue tarde al video... me hubiera gustado hacer mi wishnote pero pase por momentos muy difíciles este ultimo mes y me era dificil ver a BTS... de verdad los extrañe, ya me siento bien, gracias por estar siempre ♡☆

  • James Jayaputra
    James Jayaputra7 ore fa

    The worst youtube shitshow i've ever watched

  • JMG Gruda
    JMG Gruda8 ore fa

    I can feel the hard work ain't no other like BTS

  • sweta singh💜
    sweta singh💜9 ore fa

    7:56 Suga is ARMY'S he knows what ARMY'S want 🥺🥺💜💜

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin9 ore fa

    ive been an army for 6 years and counting… but recently I’ve been ulting a new group, so i rarely watch any content bts puts out for almost 2 years now (i listen to their songs on a daily tho)… but really no one compares to them, the way they talk about ARMY is incomparable. All the things i went through, they were there to help indirectly and none of that will change. I love them sm. I may not be as devoted of a fan as i was before but they’ll always be my first love /gen I watched this video a month late because I couldn’t handle a gallon of tears while i was streaming a comeback 😭 /hj

  • Cha Hae In
    Cha Hae In11 ore fa

    BTS truly and sincerely love their fans :(( im cryin

  • Jamie Puno
    Jamie Puno12 ore fa

    I like what Jiminie don't believe in

  • Joss
    Joss13 ore fa

    When RM and Suga picked each other for respect 🥺

  • 네두목님
    네두목님14 ore fa

    팬도 아닌데 왜케 사랑스럽냐 8:50

  • 유나
    유나14 ore fa

    ㅇㄴ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 뷔님 맏형이 왜 이렇게 많냐고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Solange Romero
    Solange Romero15 ore fa

    Ok. Pero que le pasa a jimin? :(

  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa

    Festa army

  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa


  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa


  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa


  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa


  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa


  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa


  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa


  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa

    Kim thaeyung

  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa


  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa


  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa


  • Christine Julian
    Christine Julian16 ore fa

    J hope rm jimin thaeyung

  • Shefali Chaudhary
    Shefali Chaudhary17 ore fa

    Great celebrations!! Congratulations BTS! I reached on Vlive. Annyeonghaseyo, this is shef new ARMY. My support to BTS💜

    SANGTORI상토리17 ore fa

    사랑하는 남쥰쓰에게 딱 한개 바라는거 셀프로 뺨때리는 모션 하지 않았우면 😞 냄주니 넘 소중하니까

  • Cha Hae In
    Cha Hae In17 ore fa

    this group is also a miracle for us-- ARMY. never did i regret supporting and stanning this group for the past 8 years.

  • 민윤기
    민윤기18 ore fa

    *내 소원은 너를 만나는 것이다*

  • My time Bts
    My time Bts19 ore fa

    I Love you BTS

  • Somei_Lana
    Somei_Lana19 ore fa

    Jimin pointing at his Nevermind tattoo 23:36

  • 김하영
    김하영20 ore fa

    성선설 안 믿는 남준오빠, 운명론 안 믿는 지민오빠 체크...사실 저도 둘 다 안 믿어요~~

  • 김하영
    김하영20 ore fa

    학창시절 하면 떠오르는 게 떡볶이, 분식집인 정국오빠...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아기먹보답군요

  • 김하영
    김하영20 ore fa

    그렇구나..남준오빠한텐 바보 형이 둘 있고 바보 동생도 있구나....

  • 김하영
    김하영20 ore fa

    근데 태형오빠가 지민오빠한테는 친구가 맞는데 왜 정국 오빠도 뒤에 자연스럽게 친구라 하죠 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 김하영
    김하영20 ore fa

    호비오빠 동생들은 다 내 동생이라 해주고 형들은 브라더, 친구인 남준오빠는 내 친구라 해줬어..정말 애정이 느껴지는 표현 ㅠㅠ💜

  • Lina Lizeth López
    Lina Lizeth López22 ore fa

    Volví a ser feliz gracias a Bangtan. IPY :3

  • Sucheta Mondal
    Sucheta Mondal23 ore fa

    I so wish that you people come to India. Soon. :) Till then love you all. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Heidi
    HeidiGiorno fa

    everyone is talking so politely and lovely and then there’s Taehyung, i mean he’s honest, like he’s not even trying to be funny but i’m wheezing

  • lohori ray
    lohori rayGiorno fa

    Someone tell me y jimin is embarrassed of his personality. He is beautiful just the way he is

  • ᄀᄒᄇ
    ᄀᄒᄇGiorno fa

    33:41 팬들이 지적한 부분. 인터뷰는 정말좋았어요

  • Maria Rhyza Rotaquio
    Maria Rhyza RotaquioGiorno fa

    I miss you all sm these days :(( But I had a lot of fun watching this! 🥰🥰💜

  • Sjendilogle z
    Sjendilogle zGiorno fa

    First song name please 🥺🥺

  • k블링블링
    k블링블링Giorno fa


    08 AAKRITI KARKIGiorno fa

    💜How army joined BTS: "I just want to know their names"

  • Santosh Dubey
    Santosh DubeyGiorno fa


  • JossieBlue97
    JossieBlue97Giorno fa

    Si algún día alguien te hace sentir mal, sólo recuerda que para Seokjin eres 8:41 y sé feliz de nuevo 💜

  • 류양
    류양Giorno fa

    탄이들은 아미를 진심으로 믿는구나. 자만이아니라 그냥 서로진심이라고 생각해서.. 그래서 너무 고마워

  • 현호
    현호Giorno fa


  • expelleahmus
    expelleahmusGiorno fa

    29:30 hobi's laugh and cutie jimin AHHHHH i live for that🌬

  • rosequartz
    rosequartzGiorno fa

    Why did they stop doing fan meetings after 2016?

  • stophomescapesfakeads


    21 ora fa

    I think they recently had an online fanmeeting

  • 김수린
    김수린Giorno fa

    내 생일이 7월9일인데 난 행운아?

  • 윤기나는♡
    윤기나는♡Giorno fa

    좋다.재밌다=잘하는 것과 일치하네요 신기

  • Colomba Alcaíno
    Colomba AlcaínoGiorno fa

    Bangtan makes me cry every time, Im so happy for know their, Im a new army, but I purple they (my english is so bad, sorry)

  • 주우
    주우Giorno fa

    대화만 들어도 힐링 건강한 가치관과 생각들 🥰

  • Sudenaz Koroglu
    Sudenaz Koroglu2 giorni fa

    JİMİİİİİİİİİN If I could change the way you see yourself you wouldn't wonder why you're here they don't deserve you

  • Hisamar Hercules
    Hisamar Hercules2 giorni fa


  • Clara
    Clara2 giorni fa

    8 = ⛄️ ( jungkook 🤣)

  • Anjana Marakkatteri
    Anjana Marakkatteri2 giorni fa

    They all are very wise and geniune

  • Anjana Marakkatteri
    Anjana Marakkatteri2 giorni fa

    I love when they asked about respect rm and suga chose eachother 🥰

  • Challenger brother and sister
    Challenger brother and sister2 giorni fa

    I don't why but I feel like Jimin is in some sort of problems he looked tensed and depressed 😔

  • Army Shiney
    Army Shiney2 giorni fa

    41:45 JK really knows us! I badly wanted to comeback in the past when they still debuting. But I'm happy now. Bcoz we all find BTS in our lives when we need them the most! 2016 ARMY here!

  • er mione
    er mione2 giorni fa

    i love and forever admire what we, armys have with bts. it's like a mobius strip indicating infinity...

  • Akram Sikder
    Akram Sikder2 giorni fa

    When jimin say dance is his world 🌎 I feel so proud to be army

  • jassika kahlon
    jassika kahlon2 giorni fa

    30:42 Baby Tae army who joined before also haven't gone to your concert it's not we don't want it just we don't have money😓😭 like if you relate

  • Jayalakshmi Malla
    Jayalakshmi Malla2 giorni fa

    Who else thought the starting was very emotional with the LIFE GOES ON background music?

  • Beverly V
    Beverly V2 giorni fa

    Let’s talk about V’s wishlist and personal items. This man is too genuine and honest. So pure. Love his unique outlook on things!

  • Daniela Alarcon
    Daniela Alarcon2 giorni fa


  • Rizuan Foo
    Rizuan Foo2 giorni fa

    7:55 yesss suga is trueeeee being bts for along time bts forever

  • 상큼체리
    상큼체리2 giorni fa


  • Wendy Raye
    Wendy Raye3 giorni fa

    I like when they said dream and their responses. Most people would consider them to be living the dream, but they are there and they know that when one dream comes true you start dreaming another dream. Or is this just me and my weird deep thought of the day...

  • Yucelis Lengua serpa
    Yucelis Lengua serpa3 giorni fa

    a mi no me gusta la parte en donde dicen en algo de lo que tengan verguenza y jimin responde mi personalidad esa parte no me gusto

  • ARMYnualidades
    ARMYnualidades3 giorni fa

    5:27 Nam diciendo que quiere amor :´( es que me duele cada vez que lo veo

  • ARMYnualidades
    ARMYnualidades3 giorni fa

    3:33 Hobi diciendo eso y Jimin también cuando cantan hermosísimo :´(

  • Tiaruux_xd
    Tiaruux_xd3 giorni fa

    Jimin, tienes una personalidad super bonita, no tienes el por que tener verguenza de una personalidad tan hermosa, eres un angel

  • hibas gaming world
    hibas gaming world3 giorni fa

    My wish list BTS and army never end My family to be happy forever And go to BTS fan meetings 내 위시리스트 방탄소년단과 군대는 절대 내 가족의 안전과 건강을 위해 방탄소년단 팬미팅 보러가기

  • bts
    bts3 giorni fa

    Btd kurdsh army

  • Nixon Nishinoya
    Nixon Nishinoya3 giorni fa

    30:49 What Suga said, it comes true

  • Umme Saoda
    Umme Saoda3 giorni fa


  • Sujata Gurung
    Sujata Gurung3 giorni fa

    Most painful word Jimin:My personality Jungkook:When i gain weight🥺

  • 시은
    시은3 giorni fa

    지민오빠 나랑 잘하는게 같네ㅎㅎ

  • Nixon Nishinoya
    Nixon Nishinoya3 giorni fa

    Jimin is really such a thoughtful person.

  • Echoes Of The Soul
    Echoes Of The Soul3 giorni fa

    not Jimin saying he's embarrassed of his personality and then saying he's confident about his personality. wow, respect 💜

  • Abinaya
    Abinaya3 giorni fa

    Jimin honey, you can't sing "you can't stop me loving myself 🎶 " and then be embarrassed about your personality. Please LOVE yourself coz you know we do! 🌹💜

  • عاشقة BTS
    عاشقة BTS3 giorni fa

    طيب ترجمه😭؟

    HERMOSA3 giorni fa

    넘 조하...

  • Maya Kismet
    Maya Kismet3 giorni fa

    Thanks for sharing your memories. I don’t have many but adding yours to my cache makes me happy 🙇🏻‍♀️

  • CG XD
    CG XD3 giorni fa

    안녕하세요 bts 여러분의 열성팬입니다 멕시코 특히 푸에르토바야르타에 와주세요 평등하게 사랑합니다 비록 가난하지만 제 생일은 10월 13일입니다

  • CG XD

    CG XD

    3 giorni fa

    Hablo español y no coreano puta madre

  • 5h4Lu
    5h4Lu3 giorni fa

    finally got round to finish watching this and oh gosh my heart is so happy and full! i pray that their wishes come true soon

  • kenso 77
    kenso 773 giorni fa

    30:55 yoongi is 100% correct that he said if you once get the taste of bts you cant go anywhere...

  • Linda-May Whattam
    Linda-May Whattam4 giorni fa


  • Elfaei
    Elfaei4 giorni fa

    19:29 to all who’ve name bell y’all lucky 😍

  • Queen Q
    Queen Q4 giorni fa

    Jimin feels sad in the beginning. I hope hes ok

  • e0n


    2 giorni fa

    At the end, did you hear what Jimin said about making all his dreams come true.

  • 연솔
    연솔4 giorni fa

    정구기 짱꾸같은 표정으로 형들 극딜아닌 극딜하는거 넘나 귀엽따....

  • Vijaylaxmi Rajput
    Vijaylaxmi Rajput4 giorni fa

    LOVE U BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Chelsea Kate
    Chelsea Kate4 giorni fa

    binge watched bon voyage and festas, happy for them that they achieve their dreams as a group, they deserve it!🤗💜

  • Fafa⌯͒•·̫•⌯͒
    Fafa⌯͒•·̫•⌯͒4 giorni fa

    I miss them already. I miss going to concerts :’< . Covid please ends quickly.

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